The Skin Between The Ocean and The Sky

$20,000.00 USD

Single channel Video Installation
10 min, with soundEdition 1/4 + 2 AP
Edition 2/4 is available


A yearning for water, the basis of all life, balloons within us, threatening to swallow us, engulf us, as if it were the swell of the ocean itself. The Skin Between the Ocean and the Sky, 2016, awakens a primal sentiment that is at once both fascinating and frightening, its generative vitality balanced against its destructive power. The haunting buoyancy of the plastic debris onscreen is reminiscent of the bodily movements of creatures like jellyfish and octopuses. At the same time, the floating mass appears manufactured, unwelcome, and imposing, mimicking the ocean’s own ambiguity.


Included with the work

Certificate of Authenticity, hard drive

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