The Ocean Within

$25,000.00 USD

Single channel Video Installation
13 min 30 sec, with sound

Edition 1/3 + 2 AP


Traces of memory of the waves breaking
Fragments of light that distort proportions,
Inserting color and shape and playing with this distortion, slicing it between the waves
Like a painting, like a watercolor.
Cutting an endless circle on paper and tangling it up with another one,
Creating waves of paper and color that mirror the dancing of the balloon in the sea,
Entering the ocean and discovering its reflection

Janaina Tschäpe

The Ocean Within shows natural growths equated with balloon-like shapes that point into a universe of abstractions and intangibles. Evoking a kind of artistic magic realism, which went mad.  In the coupling between the life like and the abstract, one senses a longing for the exotic, the extra-sensory and the fantastic, where all things are possible. The supernatural rooted in the form can be understood in a concrete sense and accepted on its own terms.  The emphasis on the spontaneous layering of the forms creates a more ethereal environment. Uniformity is revealed not through formal precision but expressive freedom.  Distinguished by casual elegance and propelled by the flow of shapes and colors, the imagination of the artist is made palpable to the viewer.


Included with the work

Certificate of Authenticity, hard drive

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