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$15,000.00 USD

Edition: 3/4 + 1AP
Archival: DVD
Exhibition copy: mp4 digital file
Signed Certificate of Authenticity
Provenance: Galerie Chez Valentin


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“The idea is to construct a floating viewpoint, thereby creating a discrepancy in relation to reality. We move from one viewpoint to another, and that's also how we manufacture states of consciousness.”

Laurent Grasso[1]



Projection is a film by Laurent Grasso, 2003-2005, that shows a dense cloud moving rapidly through the mostly deserted streets of Paris. Presented from the perspective of being just in front of the moving cloud, and accompanied only by a low, ambient, rumbling sound, the video is ominous, exciting, and causes viewers to question what they are seeing. Grasso’s interest in perception and naturally occurring phenomena are evident in this video, which is a particularly visually interesting example of his work. The video invites close watching; when paying attention, viewers may realize that over the course of the video, the cloud has moved in a circular fashion throughout the narrow, Parisian streets. The cyclical nature of this work, the relationship between beginning and end, is central to Grasso’s oeuvre. 


[1] Laurent Grasso, quoted in “Laurent Grasso Biography,” Sean Kelly Gallery, (accessed October 8, 2020).