Mirage II

$5,000.00 USD
Single-channel. Sound. Color
2 min. 58 sec.
Ed. 3 + 2 AP

In Mirage II, the fragility and strength of nature is symbolized by the butterfly and its role as a bellwether to the health of our natural resources on the micro community level as well as globally.

The video is part of a project by Glenda Leon titled Mecánicas Celestes (Celestial Mechanics), which revolves around a holistic notion of the universe, and addresses the idea that all beings were conceived by the same energy with which the Cosmos was created.

Glenda León works with various techniques such as drawings, video art, installations, sculpture and photography. She encourages the viewer to approach the object from a poetical perspective. This way, she reveals the metaphoric part of everyday life objects and is interested in revealing antagonisms like silence or sound, visibility or invisibility; public or private; and ephemeral or eternal. The constancy of the absence in all superfluous elements and the fusion of natural and artificial elements demonstrate the author’s taste for the persistence of processes. Her works transition within the intimate and public sphere, which manifests her ability of create new meanings to these objects through a process of manipulation, contextualization, and object association.



Included with the work

Certificate of Authenticity, hard drive

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