$1,500.00 USD

2 min. 18 sec.
Edition of 20

Kim McCarty is primarily known for her wet on wet watercolor on paper technique and for her images of adolescents, the human figure, animals and nature. Prior to the spring of 2020 McCarty began work on a painting series of female archetypes displayed through a scroll-like format. Interestingly the spread of Covid brought new meaning to these images of group gatherings as isolation was required.

With ArtPlay McCarty was able to integrate multiple of these watercolors into a moving tableau and narrative. Empatio begins with wet droplets which converge to reveal an isolated figure. Gradually the subject is introduced to other figures. The sounds of nature and birds recede as the group expands and highway and city chatter take over. Bird calls resume as the individual “alone” returns to nature and diffuses back into watercolor splashes. The animation attempts to question what will reentering society look like after such a languid year as one emerges back to a new normal.


Editions 1–5: $1,500
Editions 6–10: $2,000
Editions 11–15: $3,000
Editions 16–20: $5,000


Included with the work

Certificate of Authenticity, hard drive

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