On Translations, Celebracions

Duration: 9.33 mins 

Edition: 1/6
Archival: Submaster Digi Beta
Exhibition copy: mp4 digital file
Signed Certificate of Authenticity
Provenance: Galerie Gabreille Maubrie


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On Translation: Celebracions is a video artwork by pioneering Spanish media artist Antoni Muntadas. In the nine and a half minute total, the video presents a composite mash-up of the wholesome moments following soccer game victories when the winning players, team, and coaches boisterously embrace in happiness. Accompanied by a constant soundtrack of fans cheering and yelling, the video celebrates the victorious feelings and camaraderie of the winning teams. The video concludes by showing a unifying prayer circle held by one team after its victory. The artist has used footage of teams from all over the world in this film, attesting to the racial diversity of the international football world; interestingly, the artist has only shown the victories of men’s soccer teams, with no women’s teams being included. The choice of subject matter in showing football victories is notable because these wins represent universally appealing moments that require no intercultural translation. By titling the video On Translation: Celebracions, the artist is in fact drawing attention to the universality of competition, victory, and accomplishment. Muntadas began the On Translation series in 1996, and presented a work from this series as the Spanish representative to the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005.